100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge:Day 86: Candy Cane Hot chocolate.

A revisit of the candy cane Christmas decoration from Day 83. This time I’ve tried a bun instead of a pleat. This bun was again inspired by the excellent, and very easy to follow instructive post by Clairestonebridge. 


Using Claire’s technique, the candy cane was easier to position neatly through the bun than the pleat from Day 83, which was a bit wonky! As promised, though, I was particularly keen to try with the candy cane again, if only for the disposal method. 

For full disposal of the (still wrapped) candy cane, you will need:

Hot chocolate powder (we like Sainsburys Taste the Difference Santo ( you say Santo, I say Santa!) Domingo drinking chocolate  

Whipped cream (we like Anchor extra thick canned whipped cream)

200 to 250 ml warmed, hot but not boiling! milk per mug, depending on how large your mugs are. 

Teaspoon, rolling pin and fork or small electric whisk.

Elves (optional)

Whilst the candy cane is still in it’s celaphane wrapper, crush using the spoon, a rolling pin or Elf Power. 

Empty half the crushed candy cane into each mug, add 3 teaspoons of drinking chocolate powder, then add the hot, (but not boiling!) milk. Whisk using a mini whisk if you have one; a fork if not. Top with whipped cream, sprinkle on some drinking chocolate powder.  


Sit back and enjoy it’s bracing minty yumminess. 


2 thoughts on “100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge:Day 86: Candy Cane Hot chocolate.

  1. Not a drink for me as cream and I are sworn foes but I like the idea of crushed up minty cane goodness ☕

    Your chignon is lovely today with the cane in though I am very jealous at these confections of hair! I thought we had a similar kind of length to work with but mine will barely go to a bun – and the blessed twist unravels way abead of the ends.

    I’m off to make jewellery now so maybe I’ll have a Rosie-pleat today 😃

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