Friday’s Quick Post: Dr Experimentsinstyle’s favourite Friday afternoon choccy treat : Lindt “Hello” Salted caramel choc bar. 

Oh my gosh! If there’s something a bear loves even more than honey, it’s salted caramel. And this Lindt bar has it sussed. A perfect blend of salty and sweet caramel, in a very rich, creamy chocolate bar. It’s a very nice little treat to share during those Friday afternoon down times here in The Lab, over a cup of tea. Is there anything finer?! Dr Experimentsinstyle would sure like to know if there is!  


Mmmm sweet treats

If you like chocolate, mint and caramel – and that sounds like a fantastic trio to me – then you should treat yourself to these little darlings. Super yummy. Just picked myself up a 3 pack from Asda just to try them out – and Yummers!