100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge: Day 87: Spillikins.  

Do you remember that childhood game of pick-up-sticks? I think it’s also known as splillikins. (What a wonderful word! I think it would make a great name for a cat, or an elf, actually, don’t you?)

 I remember playing a variation of this simple game ; jackstraws; which were little sticks that were shaped as farm tools;  as a child at my grandparents home. The aim is to pick up as many sticks from a jumbled pile without disturbing any of the others. So simple, but so competitive! Lots of happy memories! 

Anyway, this picture of my shiny Stonebridge Hair sticks remind me a bit of spillikins.  Apart from their bright red and blue colours. 

I tried another type of bun, a really high topknot, this time, held in place solely with the two hairsticks: 

 And look what has been going on over on the sofa, with Elf on the Shelf and his friends:



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