Quick post: Nails du jour: Haley good look in’…by Nicole by OPI. 

Quick nail paint before heading out for early Xmas drinks with the girls:

Using “Haley good look in'” by Nicole by OPI. Over a dark brown un identifiable colour. (!) (sorry) I’m sure any dark colour would work great. They are both at least a year old. The OPI is a gold sparkle colour that applies really smoothly and evenly, and gives pretty good coverage for a glitter.  

 What’s that? It’s not Christmassy enough for you? Ohhhh, go on then. Check this fella out:

Got to love a nail painting elf! 


Nails. Pink Barry M nail gelly removal.

A while ago, I posted about the “sticky sandwich” nail technique. Here. Sadly, I can’t remember the genius who invented this marvellous method nor where I read about it, so can’t credit them, but they must be applauded – it is as good as it gets for me personally in terms of longevity. Well, I’ve been using this method all summer, and I can now advise that this method gives me personally an average of 5.5 days of good, chip free manicure until it needs redoing. Of course, your mileage may very well vary, it all depends on how you treat your hands day to day. I always wear rubber gloves to wash up, for example, but my hands do their fair share of cleaning and scrubbing here at The Lab, so you know, it kind of depends on what your hands get up to, if you know what I mean. I’m pretty happy with the technique, and with the topcoat in particular, since it seems to cover any minor mess ups with a lovely shiny glossy finish. Now it’s time to remove the chipped summery pink and replace it with a more wintery shade – I’m thinking bright red. The pics below are of the chipped pink manicure being removed. The pink here is the same pink I’ve been wearing all summer: Barry M pink nail gelly. Linky to Boots who sell it.

Dr Ted oversees the “sticky sandwich” manicure removal.
Let’s take a closer look!
This bear is such a professional.

Happy New Year!


Dr Experimentsinstyle wishes you ALL a very Happy New Year! He is celebrating in style with his home made paper hat and a cheeky cocktail – and a very seasonal red glittery manicure using Avon “Ruby Slippers” with a topcoat of Avon topcoat, which compares pretty favourably to Cirque’s “Magic Hour” The Avon topcoat doesn’t quite have the same depth of sparkle from the holographic chips, and not such a smooth finish, as the Cirque , but not bad at all.



The pic here shows Cirque’s “magic hour “depth of sparkle on the left forefinger, and Avon “opal” on the right thumb. (Less sparkle and catches on clothes a bit more due to the less smooth finish)
Have a great evening, everyone, what are you up to this evening?

Holographic nail varnish

Yup, I love holographic nail varnish. And this is just gorgeous. A real depth of colour. It’s Vesuvius by Cirque. It always needs a clear coat, otherwise it is too matt and it isn’t as long wearing as your average nail varnish. A clear topcoat really brings out the sparkles. But even with a topcoat, it doesn’t last that long before wearing at the edges. But I love it so, I will forgive it that. Cheers me up every time I look at it. It is a strawberry red with a holographic finish. And less than a tenner for a bottle of such fabulousness. I like it so much, I painted some on my door key. (Which didn’t really work out that well, tbh. So I wouldn’t recommend you bother with that) I bought it a while ago from this fabulous site :

sadly now sold out. But this Cirque Mink shade in a brown with holographic finish looks like it might also be worth a spin for a more wintery look. http://www.sallymagpies.co.uk/ourshop/prod_3018455-Mink.html
How about you? Have you a favourite nail varnish?