Barry M nail gelly. 

 Today seemed as good a day as ever to try out a nice bright pink mani and pedi, since the sun was shining. I decided to try out the fabled “sticky sandwich” technique. Now I do apologise since I’m not sure where I heard about this so can’t credit the genius who came out with it. But it goes like this:

  1. Base coat of Orly bonderised base coat.
  2. Coat of chosen coloured varnish – Barry M Gelly varnish in pink, in this case.
  3. Another coat of Orly base coat.
  4. Another coat of coloured varnish (Barry M pink)
  5. Seche vite top coat.

Done! I allowed a little bit of extra drying time in between coats, but really, by the time I had finished all ten nails, it was time for the next coat. Let’s see how  long it fares, shall we?!


Holographic nail varnish

Yup, I love holographic nail varnish. And this is just gorgeous. A real depth of colour. It’s Vesuvius by Cirque. It always needs a clear coat, otherwise it is too matt and it isn’t as long wearing as your average nail varnish. A clear topcoat really brings out the sparkles. But even with a topcoat, it doesn’t last that long before wearing at the edges. But I love it so, I will forgive it that. Cheers me up every time I look at it. It is a strawberry red with a holographic finish. And less than a tenner for a bottle of such fabulousness. I like it so much, I painted some on my door key. (Which didn’t really work out that well, tbh. So I wouldn’t recommend you bother with that) I bought it a while ago from this fabulous site :

sadly now sold out. But this Cirque Mink shade in a brown with holographic finish looks like it might also be worth a spin for a more wintery look.
How about you? Have you a favourite nail varnish?