About my Hair

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have fine hair. But I think it’s time we talk more in depth. I have mid length fine hair just past my shoulders. I used to colour it, have it highlighted, even did a Brazilian straightening at home treatment but it is currently in it’s virgin state, having had no colour or bleach applied in at least a year. And I actually really like it’s natural light brown colour, with it’s reddish/ golden natural highlights. Makes me think of caramel (mmmm!) and hot fudge sundaes (mmmmhmmm!) Even the tiny grey streaks I spot now and then I don’t mind too much.

Wavy, straight or curly?

 It takes a loooooong time to grow and has never been really long. In fact, I don’t think it’s ever been much longer than it is now. It breaks very easily. It has lovely ringlety wavy curls around the back, but is almost dead straight on the top. So, it is neither straight, nor curly, nor even very wavy all over.  If I had to commit to a type, I’d say straight to wavy, probably. Maybe wavy. See? It’s really hard to pin down, in more ways than one! 

How Frequent to Wash? 

I wash it as infrequently as I can, since I believe that constantly washing it is not great for it’s condition. That’s just my personal opinion.  Maybe your experience is different. What do you think? Does washing frequently improve your hair’s condition? I use Batiste dry shampoo now and then, and find that their version for brunettes is very good, and doesn’t give that “dusty” look. 

But my hair does get oily pretty quick, so 3 days is generally the longest I can go without washing it. And of course, I always wash it after exercising. And I always use conditioner. 

The Long & the Short of it. 

The sides do not grow very long either, so I often have trouble with the sides falling out of any updos I try. I often wear a headband to get around that, particularly for exercise. It drives me nuts when it flops in my eyes during a plié! 

I haven’t had it cut for almost a year now, for various reasons, some of which I went into in my post about Hair Maths. But also as a little experiment to see how long it would actually get without the obligatory trims. 

My Go-to Hair Accessories. 

My go-to hair Accesories are the Stonebridge Sourire U-pin in the creme and gold colour way for an easy, pop-it-in-your-bag quick pleat that looks good. And the Stonebridge medium Capitaine claw clip in tortoiseshell, which goes with all my wardrobe, and always looks good. Although, I have noticed that lately it’s more of a squeeze to contain all of my pleat in it’s jaws! I guess that means that my hair is actually growing after all! 

And I have a gold coloured plastic Alice band (hairband) from Accessorize that comes out on those days when I can’t do a darned thing with my hair. It stops my overgrown fringe flopping in my eyes, great during ballet and Pilates classes. And washing up! 

It’s all about the accessories, Darling!

Things I have my eye on? Well I wear a lot of navy and dark blue, so I’m always on the look out for navy hair claws. They seem to be very few and far between. Brown colours seem to go with my hair colour so it matches everything effortlessly. I’d love to try a barrette next. And the slim Stonebridge hairbands look sooooo comfy. I ordered a Stonebridge silver shell hair claw for my lovely sister some time ago and was blown away by the beautiful subtle colour to it. It was very hard to give that away, let me tell you! 

So, if you happen to spot a navy hair  claw on your travels, please do let me know! 

Let’s talk about you!

And, how about your hair? Do you have fine hair? Maybe your hair is thick? (You lucky wench!)  Do you colour or straighten it? I’d love to hear about your hair trials and tribulations. What do you like most about your hair? Do you have a fave hair clip or a product you can’t live without? Come on, spill! I’d love to hear! 


Quick post. You Doughnut!

Now, I know I’m late to the bun doughnut party. And I know this does not qualify as a pleat. But better late than never, eh?! And think of this as a little extra, non – pleaty bonus.  Soooo, I’ve tried using those meshy hair doughnuts you can buy before. And it did not go well. Basically, my hair was too short and too fine to cover the mesh doughnut, and so you could see it underneath – not a good look. This time, I had the bright idea to use some Batiste dry shampoo to bulk up my hair, some hairspray, lots of bobby pins and a little judicious back combing. This seemed to work a lot better. I also used wax to tame the hair near my hairline to avoid those whispy bits.  And then TONNES of hairspray. Not something to wear everyday, but for a night out, I really liked it for a change.  


100 Pleats in 100 Days: Day 69: A review of the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl.

Today I felt like letting my hair down a bit. I decided to get out my Babyliss Pro “Perfect Curl” gogo gadget that I bought quite some time ago from QVC and do some loose wavy curls. It felt great not to have my hair up for the first time in 69 days. I used the lowest heat and time settings since my hair is very fine, and I only wanted loose wavy curls. This gadget really does amaze me, it takes all the hard work out of making curls. You just take a small section of hair, slot it into the gadget and clamp. The gadget whirrs away and appears to sort of “suck” the hair into the chamber, and heats it up into a perfect curl. The gadget then beeps at you, after a number of seconds, to let you know you need to “release the curl” then hey presto! Out pops a perfect curl! It truly is magic. There’s more information, and some good video “how to” links, (one featuring Fearne Cotton!) on BaByliss’s own webpage, BaByliss website . I understand that there is also a new model available which also releases a shot of steam to make glossy, longlasting curls, that I saw showcased on QVC. At little shy of £127, it is certainly what QVC like to call a “considered purchase”! But I am very pleased indeed with my version of the gadget. I’m sure you might be able to shop around to get the best price, it’s worth looking at Argos, who have the “BaByliss Curl Secret” at £79.99 at the time of writing, which looks very similar to the one I have,  along with Amazon, and John Lewis etc if you want to give the Babyliss Pro “Perfect Curl” a whirl, as it were. And , please, be careful of fakes; there are some out there, according to BaByliss’s own webpage. But there is a lot to be said for QVC’s return policy if you feel unsure of how you might get on with it, and wish to have the option to return it if it’s not for you.


But much as I enjoyed having my loose wavy curls for the day, I forgot the little things that make having my hair up everyday so easy. My loose curls kept flying into my eyes in the wind and sticking to my lipgloss! First world problems, I know. But it was enough to drive me straight back into the arms of my red hairstick once I got home again. I’ve done a simple French pleat with nothing but the red Stonebridge hairstick to hold it all together. It’s messier than my usual style because of the curls and waves, but I quite like that. Dr Experimentsinstyle approves, anyway!

100 pleats in 100 days – day 3. Swing when you’re winning.

Day 3 – #stonebridgehair #100pleats

This is a vertical pleat, using the same comb as yesterday. Actually, you know, I’m so pleased that Stonebridge suggested this “100 pleats in 100 days ” challenge, since it was something I was sort of doing anyway. You see, last time I had my haircut, I mentioned the cost to Dr Experimentsinstyle.  He was slightly taken aback, and suggested investing in some great hair clips and foregoing future haircuts as a money saving exercise. So I have been mostly wearing my hair up most days anyway. Just not taking pics everyday. So that’s something new. Dr Experimentsinstyle was absolutely no help in assisting with the photo taking again today, deciding to mess about on a garden swing instead. We will have to have a chat tommorow about his attitude, I think. It’s frankly very unprofessional.

Mayonnaise hair treatment.

Today we conducted an experiment to determine the effectiveness of mayonnaise as a deep conditioning pre-shampoo treatment. The control was an Ojon pre-shampoo deep conditioner.
In all experiments, the treatments were applied, then the hair was covered with aluminium kitchen foil, to increase warmth and aid penetration of the treatment into the hair shaft. (And it’s less messy!) The aluminium foil can be fashioned into cat/rabbit/teddy bear ears or a Martian space helmet, whatever grabs your artistic flair, for a bit of extra fun. (All credit to Dianne Brill – This is an idea I initially read about in Dianne Brill’s excellent 1990s classic – Boobs, Boys and High Heels, which is an excellent read if you can track it down. In fact, it would be great to read whilst you have your foil hat on)
Wait 20 minutes at a minimum, longer is better, then shower off. Use tepid water, anything too hot and you will have scrabbled eggs on your hands. And egg on your face. So, tepid water to start with, then apply a shampoo and conditioner of your choice, as normal. We at The Experimentsinstyle Lab currently favour Tommy Guns fig. Then dry off, blow dry, and – hey presto! Swishy glossy hair!
So the mayonnaise compared favourably to the Ojon hair treatment. I actually preferred the mayonnaise , it seemed to give slightly softer, glossier hair. And the Ojon has the most peculiar smell. Can’t say I disliked it, and Dr Experimentsinstyle commented that it reminded him of a strange combination of his grandfathers pipe tobacco and chocolate. But my family members voiced their opinion on the scent. “It is stinky!” was their considered opinion. So, at least the mayo doesn’t have that strong scent. (And yes, I know you can get unscented Ojon, but I bought the scented version, and, to be honest, I won’t be repurchasing Ojon when the mayo does the job so well)
So – let’s look at the cost savings. The Ojon costs £6 for 250ml. The mayonnaise I purchased was 80p for 500ml. We used Sainsburys basics mayonnaise , but any cheap, high fat supermarket mayo is probably fine. So, ml for ml, the cost consideration is £. Per ml for the Ojon, vs £ per ml for the Sainsburys mayo. So a considerable saving. But I will tell you a secret that meant the mayo was even cheaper than that. It was just some mayo that we happened to have in the fridge anyway that I was going to sling out because it was slightly past its “use by ” date. So, effectively, it was free! Win!
NB: In all experiments, only human hair was used. (As usual, I was the willing volunteer. My hair is mid length, and not coloured or treated)
Your mileage may ,of course , vary. If you have treated, coloured, sensitive scalp or straightened hair etc. and even if you don’t, a little strand or patch test would probably be sensible before going the whole hog in any case. I’m sure Ojon is a great brand, and you may find, as one of my very good friends had, that Ojon works fantastically for your hair. It’s all about experimenting with what works for YOU!
No treatments were applied to teddy fur , I’m pretty sure that neither Ojon nor mayo would do teddy fur any good at all. Dr Experimentsinstyle was a “good egg” by playing along and very gamely wearing his own foil hat. But no treatments were applied underneath. So, let me know in the comments below if you tried it, I’d love to hear how you got on.