The easy way to get to the bottom of the eye primer tube

So, a very good friend gave me some Trish McEvoy eye base essentials (in “Demure”, snort!) to try out. There was enough in the tube left for a few applications, just to see how I would get on with it. Having tried it, and liked it well enough, not as much as ELF eye primer in “Champagne” mind you, which is my current fave eye primer. But more on that another day. I liked the Trish McEvoy primer, and it’s faint sparkliness. It definitely helped intensify eyeshadows, and helped them stick to my somewhat oily eyelids, without the usual dreadful creasing effect that eyeshadows often give me. So, I wanted to use it ALL up, get the primer from the very bottom of the tube. This would be the thrifty thing to do, right? But this is tricky. The wand seems a little too short, and it’s hard to reach all of the remaining primer. So, I very carefully took a blunt knife to the lip of the tube, and gently worked it round the edge, loosening the plastic “scraper”. Pushing it up and away, I was able to remove it altogether and thus can now reach down to the very bottom of the tube using a longer eyeshadow brush. I have been able to get at least another weeks worth of daily applications using this method. Win! I have to store the tube upright now, in case any might leak out, but that is no trouble at all, it just sits on the shelf where I do my makeup. I expect this might also work with other similar packaging such as lipglosses too. If you try this yourselves in your own kitchens/labs/bathrooms I know that you will promise me to be really careful with the (blunt!) knife won’t you? Cut fingers and blood is def not an upcoming look for S/S ’15. So don’t do it. Not cool. You’ll feel bad, and I’ll feel bad. Riiight, so , time for me to run now, but please do let me know in the comments section how you got on if you did try it. Thanks lovelies, and thanks for reading xx.