100 Pleats in 100 Days: Day 94. Rocking around the xmas tree.

Happy Christmas Eve! It’s time to say goodbye to Elf on The Shelf and his friends. It’s been fun, but he has to return to the North Pole for another year. I hope he is able to report to Santa some good things he has learnt – maybe some tips for new pleats to try?!

Today’s pleat was inspired by my lovely sister, who suggested doing two mini plaits and then incorporating these into the pleat, which is what I’ve done. I think it worked out ok! I used one claw to hold the two plaits, then another claw to hold the pleat. Extra bonus is – as I took the mini plaits out, I had lovely pre-raphelite style waves! So thanks to my sis!

Elf’s final prank was to wrap our rocking horse, Coco, in loo paper. Of course, Elf’s friends wanted to get in on the act, adding antlers to poor Coco. Elf has now been repremanded, the loo paper tidied away, and Coco is now munching on a carrot, in her stables. Elf is such a naughty character, but we shall miss him now he has to go back with Santa. Goodbye our little Elf. We will miss you and your cheeky mischief!




100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge: Day 91.Eighties stylee. 

Hello! Santa is holding a hair accessory, not an accordion, in this pic:  

Here’s a closer look:   
This contraption is a “stylee”. It is the most eighties looking thing, and certainly not the most stylish hair accessory I own. BUT! My goodness, it really does hold my hair well through the most rigorous exercise class. It works by scooping up all the loose hair at the sides with two combs and holding it in place with elasticated fabric. I do a pleat in the usual way, then hold it in place with the stylee. It really does work – I just wish it wasn’t so Eighties!

The stylee in situ. 
Meanwhile ,Elf on the Shelf has been hanging out with Santa  :

Aww, Elf really likes Santa!

100 Pleats in 100 Days Stonebridge hair Challenge: Day 90. All out of Biscuits. 

Ok guys. I’ll level with you. I’ve 10 days left of this challenge. And I’m running out of ideas! We’ve got 10 more pleats to complete, so if you have any crazy ideas for bizarre hairsticks, or if there’s a pleat you like to see repeated or attempted, now is your chance!! 

Meanwhile, I was thinking today of variations on the bun theme, and thought : “why not try a side-bun?!” So here we have an off centre sidebun. It’s held with a u-pin. While it’s technically fine, I just don’t think it really worked. Maybe it’s my hair or head or neck shape. Whatever. I’m not feeling the love for the sidebun. But you may have more luck, and it could be just the thing for you! If you try it, please let me know how it is for you. 

And the biscuit jar behind me? Well let’s just say we are out of biscuits now. Elf on the Shelf and his friends appear to have eaten them all. And now they are stuck inside the jar and can’t get out. Sigh. 

 All out of biscuits. 

So ta-ta for now, see you tommorow for more hair-brained pleat fun! 

100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge: Day 87: Spillikins.  

Do you remember that childhood game of pick-up-sticks? I think it’s also known as splillikins. (What a wonderful word! I think it would make a great name for a cat, or an elf, actually, don’t you?)

 I remember playing a variation of this simple game ; jackstraws; which were little sticks that were shaped as farm tools;  as a child at my grandparents home. The aim is to pick up as many sticks from a jumbled pile without disturbing any of the others. So simple, but so competitive! Lots of happy memories! 

Anyway, this picture of my shiny Stonebridge Hair sticks remind me a bit of spillikins.  Apart from their bright red and blue colours. 

I tried another type of bun, a really high topknot, this time, held in place solely with the two hairsticks: 

 And look what has been going on over on the sofa, with Elf on the Shelf and his friends:


100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge:Day 86: Candy Cane Hot chocolate.

A revisit of the candy cane Christmas decoration from Day 83. This time I’ve tried a bun instead of a pleat. This bun was again inspired by the excellent, and very easy to follow instructive post by Clairestonebridge. 


Using Claire’s technique, the candy cane was easier to position neatly through the bun than the pleat from Day 83, which was a bit wonky! As promised, though, I was particularly keen to try with the candy cane again, if only for the disposal method. 

For full disposal of the (still wrapped) candy cane, you will need:

Hot chocolate powder (we like Sainsburys Taste the Difference Santo ( you say Santo, I say Santa!) Domingo drinking chocolate  

Whipped cream (we like Anchor extra thick canned whipped cream)

200 to 250 ml warmed, hot but not boiling! milk per mug, depending on how large your mugs are. 

Teaspoon, rolling pin and fork or small electric whisk.

Elves (optional)

Whilst the candy cane is still in it’s celaphane wrapper, crush using the spoon, a rolling pin or Elf Power. 

Empty half the crushed candy cane into each mug, add 3 teaspoons of drinking chocolate powder, then add the hot, (but not boiling!) milk. Whisk using a mini whisk if you have one; a fork if not. Top with whipped cream, sprinkle on some drinking chocolate powder.  


Sit back and enjoy it’s bracing minty yumminess.