The “Sorry I haven’t posted a post in ages” post

I am sorry,  it’s been ages , poor neglected blog. I have a few posts planned about products I’ve been using up and have pics of the empties to share  with you. Coming soon. Meanwhile, by way of apology, here are some pics of Dr Experimentsinstyle dressed as a Fairy on a swing at sunset. Enjoy.    
Catch you all later!


Orange Crystal Barrette: French Pleat.

I recently was lucky enough to win a beautiful hamper of hair goodies from Stonebridge Hair, for completing the 100 Pleats in 100 days challenge. One of the items that I just couldn’t wait to try out was this beautiful barrette studded with clementine-coloured crystals. 

The back of the barrette:

My initial thought was: “that is so pretty! But what is going to go with orange crystals?!” 

The answer was easy, as I saw when I put on my cognac coloured boots from Clarks, the barrette crystals tone in nicely with the exact shade of brown leather that I favour for boots and bags. Paired with a deep green Phase 8 dress and cognac coloured opaque tights, I thought it worked pretty well. 

I’ve been out on the town thrice now recently wearing this exact ensemble:


I’m afraid that this particular barrette is now sold out, but there are plenty of other pretty barrettes to choose from here.

Quick post : Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Mr Selfridge and Hair clips. 

Are you going to be tuning in to Mr Selfridge tommorow night? I know I will – I’m hooked now! The beautiful clothes, the drama, the very clever way the staging captures the symmetry of the art and design of the era, (last week’s Dolly Sisters scenes illustrated this beautifully) the hairstyles, the handsome, suave men…I could go on and on! 
What other reason could there be for watching? 

Well, maybe because you could win a beautiful hair clip? 

I’m sooooo lucky! I won this beauty! From Stonebridge Hair, and you could too. 

Check this out: 


Squeee! It’s fabulously flutterly flattering, dahling!! You can join in too with some Stonebridge hair clip fun, by checking out Mr Selfridge on ITV on Friday nights at 9pm (that’s tommorow!) or even on catchup, and snapping a quick pic with your phone if you see a hair clip that you think might be a Stonebridge one! Check out further details here. You could win a gorgeous Stonebridge hair clip too! I shall be tuning in again tommorow night. Can’t wait to find out what happens next. 

Now, I was lucky enough to win this Stonebridge butterfly hair clip for entering the Mr Selfridge game, and I have also been lucky enough to receive an amazing Stonebridge hamper of hair accessories for completing the “100 pleats challenge”, but this post is not sponsored, I just genuinely wanted you all to have the same chance at winning a beautiful and well made hair accessory. I genuinely think Stonebridge are a great little company, with gold standard customer service, and well made products. 

Well, good luck, and enjoy watching out for those fabulous hair clips! X

Lazy Girl’s Essentials: No 1. The Cardigown

Soooo, it’s cold out. The snooze button has been hit many times already. You are now late. But it’s soooo warm and snuggly in bed! What’s a Lazy Girl to do? Grab your Cardigown , of course. 

In the morning struggle to look vaguely presentable, the Lazy Girl will  find  it immeasureably easier with a Cardigown readily to hand. The night before, the Lazy Girl can throw, ahem, I mean gently lay the following within arms reach of their bed, meaning they can grab them and then dress in the comfort of their warm cosy bed. Then – tadaaaa! – Lazy Girl can emerge from the bed already dressed! Looking vaguely presentable , and at least, not looking like they’ve  spent the last 30 minutes hitting the snooze button. 

Here’s the Lazy Girl’s list of things to chuck on the floor the night before:

  1. Socks, bra, undies. Must be clean, (natch!) & as soft and comfy as possible. 
  2. The Lazy Girl’s Uniform: Comprising of: Leggings, Long bum-covering top/sweater dress and Uggs or uggalikes. Preferably all soft, comfy and in colours that flatter you and go together well. 
  3. The Cardigown 
  4. Optional extras if time: dry shampoo, deodorant. 

Quick brush of teeth and hair, and you are good to go.  If you need to. Preferably, you’d follow the Lazy Girls Quick beauty routine too. (More on this in a future post) And have a reviving cup of tea. And a nice sit down. But, hey, if you had to answer the door/ do the school run/ run a multi national company single handed you could. 

The beauty of the Cardigown (and the rest of the Lazy Girl’s Uniform) is that it feels cosy, like you are wearing PJs and a dressing gown, but to the outside world, you are dressed! Presentable. Not maybe the height of style, but not too shabby. If you manage to choose your Cardigown in a colour that is the most flattering to you, you might find it becomes your most loved clothing item. It’s also really easy to dress up a bit, with maybe a scarf or a long necklace. Sling that lot on before you dash out of the door and voila! Instant polish.  And an extra 30 minutes in bed. 

Now, you may need to dress up a bit more than this. But once you are out of bed, and already in your Lazy Girls Uniform, preferably after having a reviving cup of tea, it’s easier to then stand in front of your wardrobe and select a more suitable outfit when you are already comfortably dressed and warm. 

Now, I am not talking about something made of fleece. No. Nothing that actually looks too much like an actual dressing gown. Not like this

I’m thinking something more of a cabled wool longline cardigan with an open front that can be drawn around tighter with an integral belt, ideally. The same style as a dressing gown, but more of a look of a knitted cardigan. Something like this Very gorgeous faux fur trimmed white number , or this or  this. This grey number from Falmer at Matalan would be good too. This “cardi coat” from Kettlewell looks like it might fit the bill, and is also hugely reduced. 

These are just a few ideas from a trawl of the net, and I haven’t seen or tried on any of the above in real life.  C’mon – I’m a Lazy Girl, after all! 

Here is a pic of a few of my very own cardigowns (yes, I have a selection!) from Apricot, Falmer at Matalan, Kettlewell and Although I’m afraid I purchased them quite some time ago, so most of them are no longer available. But, you get an idea of the type of style I mean:

So, you need never answer the door to the postie in a ratty old tshirt and tatty dressing gown again. And doing the school run in bleach stained trackie bottoms and a fleece will be a thing of the past. Probably. If you see me in any of the above, don’t be surprised. Sometimes even throwing the Lazy Girls uniform on the floor the night before is too much trouble. 😉

Even Dr Ted is getting in on The Cardigown – here he is in his very own from Primark:

So, what do you think? Would you give the cardigown a try? Maybe you are already rocking one right now?! Or maybe you feel it’s not for you?  I’d love to know! 

Start with Art: Things I hate

Came across this graffiti wall art today. 


Well, I don’t normally condone graffiti, but this did tickle me! 

I’m wearing the Cadre Handmade Medium French Claw, in a simple French pleat. It was very kindly gifted to lucky me by Stonebridge Hair as part of a gorgeous hamper of delicious hair accessories for completing the 100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge. I think the beautiful grey of the Pearl Mosaic colour of the clip is perfect for the concrete wall background! 

The 100 Day Challenge has now ended, but you can join in with some new Stonebridge hair clip fun, by checking out Mr Selfridge on ITV on Friday nights at 9pm (that’s tommorow!) and snapping a quick pic with your phone if you see a hair clip that you think might be a Stonebridge one! Check out further details here. You could win a gorgeous Stonebridge hair clip! I shall be tuning in tommorow night. Good luck. X

Quick post: look what the postie brought round! 

Oooh a parcel! 

From Stonebridge Hair for completing the 100 pleats in 100 days challenge! 

What’s inside?    
  Beautiful packaging….

It’s like Christmas all over again! What a lovely, and generous reward for completing the 100 Pleats Challenge. And it’s as if Claire and Melissa at Stonebridge knew my hair and personal taste to a “T”! Everything is so beautiful, and such good quality. I just love all the pretty clips, and will be experimenting with them in the next week. Watch this space for more pleats featuring these beautiful new clips over the coming week.