100 Pleats in 100 Days – Day 25 – A Quarter of the Way Through the 100 Days of French Pleats Challenge!

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Vertical Stonebridge comb.

Yay, 25 days: That’s a quarter of the way through! Well done, fellow French pleaters! How are we feeling about getting this far? I’d like to think that my technique has improved somewhat, but I’m still experimenting and still have some epic fails! It’s all part of learning something new, though, right? I love that we are doing this together, and I’m picking up ideas everyday from you all. How about you? Do you think you’ve learnt anything of any use thus far? I’d love to hear.

Here we have a Stonebridge comb , and a slightly “bouffed up” at the crown pleat. Here I am wearing a hand knitted brown wool scarf, that I adore, as it is just so warm, and cosy, and has wonderful memories attached to it. Happy weekend, everyone!



100 pleats in 100 days – day 5: Chopsticks. 

Hello! Happy Saturday! Today , we are trying a chopstick style, following a very helpful you tube vid from Stonebridge Hair. 

 I used one chopstick from the kitchen drawer (the vertical one in the pic) , then afterwards I slid the other matching chopstick in, at an angle, purely for effect. It’s not holding any hair in place at all.

I mean, chopsticks are never seen without their mate , right? It would be sad to split them up, they pair for life. My version turned out somewhat less of a bun, more of an infinity type twist. It took no time at all – like, a minute or maybe two. Very quick. It’s a bit messy, and my hair was still a bit damp from washing, so it didn’t come out exactly as expected. But, but, but….I was convinced this would fall out straightaway, and was prepared to re- do it. But it held fast! How?! No styling products, grips , hairspray or superglue were used. Tis witchcraft, I tell thee. 


Dr Experimentsinstyle was back on top form helping with the brushing. But not with the photo taking. I need longer arms. Or maybe I think I need a selfie stick. What has my life become?!

a bear and a brush.

#100pleats, #stonebridgehair

100 pleats in 100 days – day 3. Swing when you’re winning.

Day 3 – #stonebridgehair #100pleats

This is a vertical pleat, using the same comb as yesterday. Actually, you know, I’m so pleased that Stonebridge suggested this “100 pleats in 100 days ” challenge, since it was something I was sort of doing anyway. You see, last time I had my haircut, I mentioned the cost to Dr Experimentsinstyle.  He was slightly taken aback, and suggested investing in some great hair clips and foregoing future haircuts as a money saving exercise. So I have been mostly wearing my hair up most days anyway. Just not taking pics everyday. So that’s something new. Dr Experimentsinstyle was absolutely no help in assisting with the photo taking again today, deciding to mess about on a garden swing instead. We will have to have a chat tommorow about his attitude, I think. It’s frankly very unprofessional.

100 pleats in 100 days – Day 1

Well, today Dr Experimentsinstyle and myself decided to participate in 


  the “100 pleats in 100 days” challenge. Today being Day 1, and it being a drizzly rainy sort of day here in Blighty,  we went with a basic French pleat held in place with a bar clip for me, we think the clip was from Goody? But lucky Dr Experimentsinstyle has a choice of Stonebridge clips. He decided that the tortoiseshell Capitaine claw held his fur a bit better than the French pleat comb. 

More tommorow! 
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