Bear Faced Selfies.

New selfie stick – I’ve hit new lows! Got me a selfie stick. Yup. The shame.  Well, how else are we to take pictures of the back of my head in order to participate in the “100 pleats in 100 days” Stonebridge hair challenge??! What’s that? The bear? Nope, I’m afraid he has refused to photograph my pleats. French or otherwise. He claims it is not in his job description. So, here we are. It is actually *whispers and looks around furtively* quite good. It is made by Anker, (what?!) and I bought it from Amazon. I’m pretty certain it was this one, at less than a tenner.  It uses Bluetooth, so there’s no wires, and it’s very versatile, you can angle the camera/phone camera fairly easily  and it fold up really neat and small. Perfect. Dr Experimentsinstyle gives it the thumbs up.




Hello Gorgeous!

Hi and Welcome! Thanks for swinging by to take a gander at my first tentative post. Pull up a chair, get comfy, this is going to be fun! I am crazy about style, clothes, makeup and beauty products. I love doing half arsed experiments comparing the best outcome for the minimal input in time and money, and sharing my meandering thoughts on a random range of topics, mainly related to, but not exclusively limited to -saving money, being lazy, and style, beauty, clothes and colour. Hence – Experiments in Style. Enjoy your time here! it’s great to have your company.