The “Sorry I haven’t posted a post in ages” post

I am sorry,  it’s been ages , poor neglected blog. I have a few posts planned about products I’ve been using up and have pics of the empties to share  with you. Coming soon. Meanwhile, by way of apology, here are some pics of Dr Experimentsinstyle dressed as a Fairy on a swing at sunset. Enjoy.    
Catch you all later!


100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge. day 75:Seeing Stars

Hello! Happy Saturday, people!

As part of our 100 pleats in 100 days challenge, Claire at Stonebridge has set an additional challenge of encouraging our friends and family to try a pleat! Well, our very own Little Star was only too happy to help out, with a quick and simple twisted French pleat held with a starry barrette clip. We left the pleat tails spilling out at the top.

I thought I’d also join in with the star theme, using the same barrette clip, star earrings and star scarf. The pleat is a variation on Claire at Stonebridge Hair’s “knotted plait pleat” that I tried recently, but this is a plaited pleat. It’s just held up with the barrette. I’ve also got a gold headband on, to keep my long fringe from flopping about!

Dr Experimentsinstyle and Elf On The Shelf are up to something…

What is in that treasure chest?!


Friday’s Quick Post: Dr Experimentsinstyle’s favourite Friday afternoon choccy treat : Lindt “Hello” Salted caramel choc bar. 

Oh my gosh! If there’s something a bear loves even more than honey, it’s salted caramel. And this Lindt bar has it sussed. A perfect blend of salty and sweet caramel, in a very rich, creamy chocolate bar. It’s a very nice little treat to share during those Friday afternoon down times here in The Lab, over a cup of tea. Is there anything finer?! Dr Experimentsinstyle would sure like to know if there is!  

Caramel bear

 Dr Experimentsinstyle cannot get enough of this absolutely delicious Salted Caramel Spread. On toast. On icecream. With bananas. Warmed. And pancakes. Oh yes. And even *gasp* straight out of the jar! I mean, we are not animals! Oh. Wait. At least one of us is.   

It’s made with Maldon sea salt, by Wilkin and Sons in Tiptree. They also make the excellent “Little Scarlet” jam, which is James Bond’s fav jam. (Little Scarlet is mentioned in Ian Fleming’s “From Russia With Love”. ) You can get yours here.