Quick post. You Doughnut!

Now, I know I’m late to the bun doughnut party. And I know this does not qualify as a pleat. But better late than never, eh?! And think of this as a little extra, non – pleaty bonus.  Soooo, I’ve tried using those meshy hair doughnuts you can buy before. And it did not go well. Basically, my hair was too short and too fine to cover the mesh doughnut, and so you could see it underneath – not a good look. This time, I had the bright idea to use some Batiste dry shampoo to bulk up my hair, some hairspray, lots of bobby pins and a little judicious back combing. This seemed to work a lot better. I also used wax to tame the hair near my hairline to avoid those whispy bits.  And then TONNES of hairspray. Not something to wear everyday, but for a night out, I really liked it for a change.