100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge: Day 83. Candy cane-ing it. 

Hello, we have been having endless illnesses here at the Experimentsinstyle Labs, thankfully all over it , touch wood!, but I’m not going to say anymore about that, let’s get on with the pleats! 

Well, of course I had to try to use some Christmas decorations as hairsticks, didn’t I? Seeing as the Lab now has the Christmas tree up, and all the decorations are up. The obvious first choice was the candy cane sticks! 

Let’s try this in a French pleat, shall we? 

Hmmm, I’m afraid the pleat has come out lopsided somehow. This pleat was tricky to do because the candy cane is not particularly pointed nor thin at the end, which makes it harder to glide comfortably through the pleat. Hence probably why it’s ended up a bit wonky! 

Now, you needn’t worry about the hygiene issue here of putting the candy cane back on the tree. The candy cane was comprehensively disposed of. Oh yes. Peppermint goodness crushed up and stirred into my hot chocolate. With squirty cream and marshmallows on top. Yum. I think I’m going to have to try this pleat again. Several times. Just til I get it absolutely right. 


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