Quick post : Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Mr Selfridge and Hair clips. 

Are you going to be tuning in to Mr Selfridge tommorow night? I know I will – I’m hooked now! The beautiful clothes, the drama, the very clever way the staging captures the symmetry of the art and design of the era, (last week’s Dolly Sisters scenes illustrated this beautifully) the hairstyles, the handsome, suave men…I could go on and on! 
What other reason could there be for watching? 

Well, maybe because you could win a beautiful hair clip? 

I’m sooooo lucky! I won this beauty! From Stonebridge Hair, and you could too. 

Check this out: 


Squeee! It’s fabulously flutterly flattering, dahling!! You can join in too with some Stonebridge hair clip fun, by checking out Mr Selfridge on ITV on Friday nights at 9pm (that’s tommorow!) or even on catchup, and snapping a quick pic with your phone if you see a hair clip that you think might be a Stonebridge one! Check out further details here. You could win a gorgeous Stonebridge hair clip too! I shall be tuning in again tommorow night. Can’t wait to find out what happens next. 

Now, I was lucky enough to win this Stonebridge butterfly hair clip for entering the Mr Selfridge game, and I have also been lucky enough to receive an amazing Stonebridge hamper of hair accessories for completing the “100 pleats challenge”, but this post is not sponsored, I just genuinely wanted you all to have the same chance at winning a beautiful and well made hair accessory. I genuinely think Stonebridge are a great little company, with gold standard customer service, and well made products. 

Well, good luck, and enjoy watching out for those fabulous hair clips! X


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