100 Pleats in 100 Days: Day 94. Rocking around the xmas tree.

Happy Christmas Eve! It’s time to say goodbye to Elf on The Shelf and his friends. It’s been fun, but he has to return to the North Pole for another year. I hope he is able to report to Santa some good things he has learnt – maybe some tips for new pleats to try?!

Today’s pleat was inspired by my lovely sister, who suggested doing two mini plaits and then incorporating these into the pleat, which is what I’ve done. I think it worked out ok! I used one claw to hold the two plaits, then another claw to hold the pleat. Extra bonus is – as I took the mini plaits out, I had lovely pre-raphelite style waves! So thanks to my sis!

Elf’s final prank was to wrap our rocking horse, Coco, in loo paper. Of course, Elf’s friends wanted to get in on the act, adding antlers to poor Coco. Elf has now been repremanded, the loo paper tidied away, and Coco is now munching on a carrot, in her stables. Elf is such a naughty character, but we shall miss him now he has to go back with Santa. Goodbye our little Elf. We will miss you and your cheeky mischief!




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