100 Pleats in 100 Days Stonebridge hair Challenge: Day 90. All out of Biscuits. 

Ok guys. I’ll level with you. I’ve 10 days left of this challenge. And I’m running out of ideas! We’ve got 10 more pleats to complete, so if you have any crazy ideas for bizarre hairsticks, or if there’s a pleat you like to see repeated or attempted, now is your chance!! 

Meanwhile, I was thinking today of variations on the bun theme, and thought : “why not try a side-bun?!” So here we have an off centre sidebun. It’s held with a u-pin. While it’s technically fine, I just don’t think it really worked. Maybe it’s my hair or head or neck shape. Whatever. I’m not feeling the love for the sidebun. But you may have more luck, and it could be just the thing for you! If you try it, please let me know how it is for you. 

And the biscuit jar behind me? Well let’s just say we are out of biscuits now. Elf on the Shelf and his friends appear to have eaten them all. And now they are stuck inside the jar and can’t get out. Sigh. 

 All out of biscuits. 

So ta-ta for now, see you tommorow for more hair-brained pleat fun! 


5 thoughts on “100 Pleats in 100 Days Stonebridge hair Challenge: Day 90. All out of Biscuits. 

  1. Okay, ideas…
    Hmm I really really like Rosie’s pleats with jewellery pinned in so I want to try that, is it something you’ve also been inspired by?
    Have you done a pleat held by a vertical barrette or slide?
    Go back to the first clip…
    Let Dr E or someone else in the lab pick your next three days worth of pins and sticks?
    Still got the Gibson roll up under control?
    If you are really really stuck you could pleat a hair shelf for a small friend!

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