100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge. Day 88: Christmas Jumpers, Dr Ted and a Mignon Chignon. 

Hello! Happy Friday! Which also happens to be Christmas Jumper Day here at The Lab.  Sooooo, re the hair, I’m continuing with my bun theme from previous days,but today  I’m going loooooow. Low buns, as I understand it, can also be called chignons. Which sounds far more sophisticated than a bun. But it’s the same thing really. So, humour me please, let’s pretend this stuff is far more tricky and elegant than it really is, and let’s call this low bun held with a Stonebridge u-pin a chignon. Thanks.   

Mignon Chignon


It’s held entirely with one U-pin. 

But – wait! Who is this photo bombing my ridic back-of-head selfie?!


Ah! It is the long awaited return of Dr Ted Experimentsinstyle wearing his Christmas Jumper today instead of his usual lab coat. 

Looking good, Dr Experimentsinstyle !


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