100 Pleats in 100 Days challenge. Day 81. Making up things as I go. 

Hello! Nice to see you again! I’m glad you could join me today because I have another little silly hair accessory idea. What if…..there was a way to combine my two most frivolous, self indulgent passions, hair updos and makeup?! What if….there was a world where that wouldn’t be silly, or girly, or a waste of time. Where it would be seen as it is intended – a bit of fun, pure and simple? Something that makes me, and maybe you, and maybe the lady at the Post Office; smile? What if…..we could create that world right here on this little blog? WordPress readers, I give you this gift at Christmas time. The gift of …….makeup brush hairsticks. Yes! I have made a makeup brush into a hairstick. I know. I’m a Genius. You are so welcome. 

It just goes to show that pretty much anything stick shaped can become a hairstick. I know, who would have thought it?! What I like about this makeup brush is that the bristles are almost the same colour as my hair, so at first glance it looks like some weird upside-down ponytail type thingy. But – no! On closer inspection it reveals itself for the true versatility that it has – to have the option to apply blusher whenever the fancy takes you.  How freeing! How revolutionary! How inventive! No? Oh well. Can’t please everybody. Do you want an Elf on the Shelf pic instead?

Elf has a new friend (with a slightly less sinister face) They are using the lavatory. There are chocolate “Aero bubbles” and toilet paper in the lavatory “bowls” . I’m not cleaning it up. Ewwww. 


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