About my Hair

I think I’ve mentioned before that I have fine hair. But I think it’s time we talk more in depth. I have mid length fine hair just past my shoulders. I used to colour it, have it highlighted, even did a Brazilian straightening at home treatment but it is currently in it’s virgin state, having had no colour or bleach applied in at least a year. And I actually really like it’s natural light brown colour, with it’s reddish/ golden natural highlights. Makes me think of caramel (mmmm!) and hot fudge sundaes (mmmmhmmm!) Even the tiny grey streaks I spot now and then I don’t mind too much.

Wavy, straight or curly?

 It takes a loooooong time to grow and has never been really long. In fact, I don’t think it’s ever been much longer than it is now. It breaks very easily. It has lovely ringlety wavy curls around the back, but is almost dead straight on the top. So, it is neither straight, nor curly, nor even very wavy all over.  If I had to commit to a type, I’d say straight to wavy, probably. Maybe wavy. See? It’s really hard to pin down, in more ways than one! 

How Frequent to Wash? 

I wash it as infrequently as I can, since I believe that constantly washing it is not great for it’s condition. That’s just my personal opinion.  Maybe your experience is different. What do you think? Does washing frequently improve your hair’s condition? I use Batiste dry shampoo now and then, and find that their version for brunettes is very good, and doesn’t give that “dusty” look. 

But my hair does get oily pretty quick, so 3 days is generally the longest I can go without washing it. And of course, I always wash it after exercising. And I always use conditioner. 

The Long & the Short of it. 

The sides do not grow very long either, so I often have trouble with the sides falling out of any updos I try. I often wear a headband to get around that, particularly for exercise. It drives me nuts when it flops in my eyes during a plié! 

I haven’t had it cut for almost a year now, for various reasons, some of which I went into in my post about Hair Maths. But also as a little experiment to see how long it would actually get without the obligatory trims. 

My Go-to Hair Accessories. 

My go-to hair Accesories are the Stonebridge Sourire U-pin in the creme and gold colour way for an easy, pop-it-in-your-bag quick pleat that looks good. And the Stonebridge medium Capitaine claw clip in tortoiseshell, which goes with all my wardrobe, and always looks good. Although, I have noticed that lately it’s more of a squeeze to contain all of my pleat in it’s jaws! I guess that means that my hair is actually growing after all! 

And I have a gold coloured plastic Alice band (hairband) from Accessorize that comes out on those days when I can’t do a darned thing with my hair. It stops my overgrown fringe flopping in my eyes, great during ballet and Pilates classes. And washing up! 

It’s all about the accessories, Darling!

Things I have my eye on? Well I wear a lot of navy and dark blue, so I’m always on the look out for navy hair claws. They seem to be very few and far between. Brown colours seem to go with my hair colour so it matches everything effortlessly. I’d love to try a barrette next. And the slim Stonebridge hairbands look sooooo comfy. I ordered a Stonebridge silver shell hair claw for my lovely sister some time ago and was blown away by the beautiful subtle colour to it. It was very hard to give that away, let me tell you! 

So, if you happen to spot a navy hair  claw on your travels, please do let me know! 

Let’s talk about you!

And, how about your hair? Do you have fine hair? Maybe your hair is thick? (You lucky wench!)  Do you colour or straighten it? I’d love to hear about your hair trials and tribulations. What do you like most about your hair? Do you have a fave hair clip or a product you can’t live without? Come on, spill! I’d love to hear! 


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