100 Pleats in 100 Days Stonebridge Hair Challenge : Day 80: Have Your Say!

Whoah! Day 80, only 20% left to go. Can’t believe it has gone so fast. We’ve only got another 20 chances to try out some new pleats, or really get to grips with old favourites. So, tell me, what would YOU like to see repeated, or attempted? Have you got any ideas for new pleats I’ve not yet tried? Ideas for new twists on pleats I’ve done? Or tips for improvements on those I’ve tried that, frankly, were Disasterous?! I’d love to hear, please don’t be shy!! I’ve still got a few ideas of my own up my sleeve yet, though, so don’t worry, I’ve not run out of steam (yet!) 

Here is my blog post from a few days back, which highlights the majority of the pleats I’ve attempted over the Challenge to date. It’s nice to look back on. I apologise for the rubbish pleats, some worked; some didn’t. 

Here’s today’s pleat, in freshly washed hair. This is a pleat I often do to get the damp hair off my neck. If I’m not going out I will quite often let it dry like this. The hair fork is the Stonebridge Allegra. The scarf is a Lola Rose one that I got at TK Maxx a few years ago and has cute grey and turquoise squirrels on it. 



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