100 pleats in 100 days Stonebridge hair challenge. Day 79: dashing through the …um, leaves?

A simple pleat clamped with a Goody claw clamp, from Boots, if I remember correctly. I like this claw because it holds my hair pretty well, but lies quite flat against my head, which is great when I’m driving – it doesn’t bash against the head rest like some claws can.  My earrings were made by my very talented friend, and I love them!

 I’ve been dashing about today mostly doing THE CHRISTMAS, so you know, not much else to report. Hope you’ve had a good Wednesday too.   


6 thoughts on “100 pleats in 100 days Stonebridge hair challenge. Day 79: dashing through the …um, leaves?

  1. I’ve looked at that one. I hadn’t considered fuctionality… today I have in a twisty stick pleat and was aware that I was driving hunched because of bouncing off the headrest!

    I am combining Christmas prep with major decluttering. So not stressed at all (AT ALL!)

    You mentioned blue claws in another post. Have you seen the blended bluey ones in Accessorize?
    They definitely have a narrow one that I can just about hold a pleat with and I remember seeing another in the same finish that I *think* was bigger.


    1. Ha, I’m ALL about the comfort! Can’t concentrate on the driving if my clip is stopping me turning my head! (You can always whip the clip out whilst driving, then do a quick twist and clip when you’ve parked up & it’s time to get out?) Christmas prep AND decluttering? Respect! And thanks for the heads up about the blue hair claw! Much appreciated, will take a look this weekend. Cheers. X


  2. I am usually about comfort but a wonderful hair elf got me onto hair forks and sticks… I am reasonally confident about getting the hair hold back if I take it out now but it ebbs and flows.

    Just got back from the work Christmas meal and feel chuffed that I have joined the funny things in hair elite! I spent the night rocking a red glass cocktail stirrer topped with a snowman 😚

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