An Ironing Board for Christmas: some alternative ideas.

Soooo…Christmas! We love it, right?! That warm feeling when your loved one opens their gift lovingly chosen with just them in mind. The way their eyes slowly turn to yours with a little glisten of tears, and a knowing smile that says ” How did you know?! It’s perfect!”

And that panicky feeling as you tirelessly trawl the shops and the Internet with the rising feeling that the ironing board and matching cover that you planned to purchase for the love of your life/ best friend/ sister/ mother / goldfish just isn’t going to result in the desired effect. However state-of-the-art that ironing board may be.

Enter – Dr Experimentsinstyle’s “Stonebridge Christmas shopping list” Specifically targeted to those with fine hair,  because that is his particular area of expertise, this is the perfect starting point for stress free Christmas shopping for beautiful tresses.


Most Suitable for Fine Hair: 

Let’s start with some classic, super wearable accesories: the Super comfy skinny headband. But which colour? Tortoiseshell. French vanilla, or silver shell?! So many beautiful colours.And another : Classic French oval barrette. Which colour? Caramel horn is particularly lovely.

Automne french long barrette. Mmmm, the beautiful little acorns, the leaves. Just gorgeous! and whilst we are on the subject of leaves…the Vine barrette. The silver shell colour way is just Perfection.

The always useful Sourire u-pin – I’m intrigued by the mink colour way, and silver shell looks so pretty. A staple hair accessory for your loved one to have to hand in their bag, or for travelling light.

Mmm, maple sugar colour looks so yummy! Narrow claw.

Moana french beak clip in spice sounds very versatile.  Imagine your loved one thinking of you, and how very thoughtful you are every time they put their hair up. Better that than sighing and cursing you as they begin ironing. Again. Even if their new ironing board has a beautiful cover.

Phwoarrr! Monceau deliciousness! Look at the Mink colourway! Caramel, fudge all the yummy goodness with what looks like a very subtle shimmery sheen. it looks to me like antique walnut wood,  Love!

Most Suitable for Thick, Long Hair: 

But what if the person you are buying for has thick, long hair? it’s so hard to find a claw clip that will accommodate thick hair. How about this Decoince claw clip, designed especially for thick hair? The silver shell colour is so pretty.

Most Suitable for Medium to Thick, or Curly Hair: 

If your loved one has medium to thick, or curly hair, this Glacier double headband is available in the dreamy, beautiful Dark Lapis colourway, which would surely be perfect for anyone partial to dark blue denim. (That would be ahhh, 90% of the population, surely?)

And if you are entirely clueless as to which clip to go for, I’d strongly recommend calling the lovely helpful people at Stonebridge. (Only call Monday to Friday, please people! They are super helpful, and they deserve to have some at home time too!) or send them a message. They are the Hair Accessory Ninjas, and must use some seriously weird juju (& lots of hair experience) to help you arrive at the perfect hair accessory to compliment your loved ones tresses.

So, step away from the ironing boards, people, and consider gifting a hair accessory this Christmas. It’s the gift that keeps giving.


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