100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge: Day 77. Belgium Bun. 

Another slightly alternative use for an everyday object: 

This beautiful object is a letter opener, a souvenir from Belgium. It’s really pretty, with a lace insert held within a glass spinning oval. It’s holding a bun formed by twisting the hair around the “hairstick” (letter opener) then following the “back scoop” method by flipping and gently pushing the hairstick back downwards. (Very carefully avoiding any skin, obvs!) It’s not as sharp as it looks; it is quite blunt, however I didn’t wear it for very long because it is quite heavy, and the pointed end did keep sliding down, making it uncomfortable. So, I wouldn’t really recommend it as a hair accessory! But it is so pretty I wanted to share it with you. Just don’t try this at home, m’ok?!

Thanks so much for reading, cannot believe we aren’t far off 1000 views in over 100 posts since I started my little blog. I am so grateful, and happy! It’s just so much fun to do, and having you along for the ride is the icing on the cake! So thanks for being here with me. Xx


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