100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge. day 75:Seeing Stars

Hello! Happy Saturday, people!

As part of our 100 pleats in 100 days challenge, Claire at Stonebridge has set an additional challenge of encouraging our friends and family to try a pleat! Well, our very own Little Star was only too happy to help out, with a quick and simple twisted French pleat held with a starry barrette clip. We left the pleat tails spilling out at the top.

I thought I’d also join in with the star theme, using the same barrette clip, star earrings and star scarf. The pleat is a variation on Claire at Stonebridge Hair’s “knotted plait pleat” that I tried recently, but this is a plaited pleat. It’s just held up with the barrette. I’ve also got a gold headband on, to keep my long fringe from flopping about!

Dr Experimentsinstyle and Elf On The Shelf are up to something…

What is in that treasure chest?!



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