100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge: Updos I have learnt so far. 

Hello there, fellow Pleaters! As you may know if you’ve been following my blog, I’m participating in a fun challenge, set by the lovely Stonebridge Hair people, who have the most beautiful hair accessories.  The Challenge is simple – wear your hair in a pleat everyday for 100 days, and take a pic. Easy, eh?! It didn’t have to be brilliant, Pin-worthy or anything,we just  tried! We are almost three quarters of the way through, so I thought it was time to reflect on what I’ve learnt thus far. Turns out that I’ve learnt far more ways to wear my hair up than I realised! I’ve counted 17 different variations thus far. Some have turned out better than others, some were disasters, but every time I learnt something new. Which is always a nice thing, don’t you think? So, here we are then, 17 different styles for your perusal and amusement: 

1. French knot pleat.IMG_9125

2. French pleat with plaited tail ends tucked back in. IMG_9083-0

3. High topknot


4. Low bun. 


5. Double pleat. 


6. Twin pleat. 


7. French pleat with hairstick. 


8. Edwardian pleat. 


9. French pleat held by a pleat comb. 


10. French plait pleat. 


11. French pleat held by u-pin. 


12. Upside down bun held by u-pin. 


13. French pleat held by claw clamp. 



14. Bun formed by twisting round hairstick/ spoon. 


15. French pleat with tail ends out. 


16. French pleat held with a barrette. 

17. Half up pleat held with spoon. Hmmmm!

What will the next few weeks hold in store for this crazy Pleater?!


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