100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge: Day 71. Tension headaches. 

Hello! A pinch and a punch for the first of the month! Can’t believe we are into December already, and for some of us, that means Advent calenders and the count down to Christmas. We are getting very excited at the prospect here at The Lab, and doing “Elf on the Shelf” today has been really fun. Our Christmas Elf arrived on our doorstep today and has been up to all sorts of mischief already, including moving books, toys and clothes about! He is currently setting sail in a toy pirate ship, holding the TV remote control hostage. You never know, our Elf might end up in some of these pleat pics this month sometime. Maybe that is something you would like to see? He is a very naughty sort of Elf, and likes to make mischief! Meanwhile, I’ve been practicing my French pleats using my new blue Stonebridge hairstick. I’m getting the hang of putting the sticks in at an angle, but getting the pleat right so that the hairstick is vertical and thus, more visually pleasing is …tricky. I think I’m getting there with this, but found the tension on my hair pretty tight with this particular pleat. To the extent that I had to take it out pronto, before I gave myself a headache! Do any of my lovely fellow Pleaters have any tips on getting the tension just right?  I’d be very grateful for any insights or pointers you may have! Thanks! Xx  


4 thoughts on “100 Pleats in 100 Days Challenge: Day 71. Tension headaches. 

  1. It was this post that made me reevaluate my stick sticking… you are right, the more vertical version is so nice with these lovely sticks but I am not catching hold on them and was getting demoralised. Just reangling with my upin today has given me peace of mind that I haven’t actually lost all clue!


  2. As for the tension, I feel more secure starting out with the brain squeezer as it always relaxes enough. I managed to bounce around at work (which includes lifting and bending) and had total confidence. Walked into Tesco after and then it went and I calmly stepped away from the food and twisted it back into the same style in one mirrorless take. Very tight that time – almost a worry but then it eased and stayed up. So for me I think strong tension is good at the start.
    If you don’t have the slippiness though and it stays tight I wouldn’t be so keen.
    I have to say, I am prone to headaches and used to have a lot of days when it was tough to manage my hair. I didn’t like the weight of it down and couldn’t get on with clipping or tying it up. During the last oh, 74 days or so this has been less of an issue. I think that says a lot about pleats generally but also the alternates of hold that we have been gathering. I have only had a banded ponytail for the gym of late.

    Wow – a book 😅 sorry for rambling.


    1. No, not rambling , I love to read your comments. Makes me feel like I’m not madly talking away to myself and Dr Ted here. (Well, maybe I am, but at least you are reading it!) Haha, brain squeezer! Great way of putting it. And yes, the tightness does loosen off after a while, it’s true. But I also worry that we are putting out hair under tension and thus putting it at risk of breakage. Maybe your hair is more resilient. Mine breaks at the drop of a hat. Literally. I do agree with you that alternating types of pleats helps alleviate any potential damage issues somewhat. Let’s keep on keeping on!


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