100 Pleats in 100 Days: Day 69: A review of the Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl.

Today I felt like letting my hair down a bit. I decided to get out my Babyliss Pro “Perfect Curl” gogo gadget that I bought quite some time ago from QVC and do some loose wavy curls. It felt great not to have my hair up for the first time in 69 days. I used the lowest heat and time settings since my hair is very fine, and I only wanted loose wavy curls. This gadget really does amaze me, it takes all the hard work out of making curls. You just take a small section of hair, slot it into the gadget and clamp. The gadget whirrs away and appears to sort of “suck” the hair into the chamber, and heats it up into a perfect curl. The gadget then beeps at you, after a number of seconds, to let you know you need to “release the curl” then hey presto! Out pops a perfect curl! It truly is magic. There’s more information, and some good video “how to” links, (one featuring Fearne Cotton!) on BaByliss’s own webpage, BaByliss website . I understand that there is also a new model available which also releases a shot of steam to make glossy, longlasting curls, that I saw showcased on QVC. At little shy of £127, it is certainly what QVC like to call a “considered purchase”! But I am very pleased indeed with my version of the gadget. I’m sure you might be able to shop around to get the best price, it’s worth looking at Argos, who have the “BaByliss Curl Secret” at £79.99 at the time of writing, which looks very similar to the one I have,  along with Amazon, and John Lewis etc if you want to give the Babyliss Pro “Perfect Curl” a whirl, as it were. And , please, be careful of fakes; there are some out there, according to BaByliss’s own webpage. But there is a lot to be said for QVC’s return policy if you feel unsure of how you might get on with it, and wish to have the option to return it if it’s not for you.


But much as I enjoyed having my loose wavy curls for the day, I forgot the little things that make having my hair up everyday so easy. My loose curls kept flying into my eyes in the wind and sticking to my lipgloss! First world problems, I know. But it was enough to drive me straight back into the arms of my red hairstick once I got home again. I’ve done a simple French pleat with nothing but the red Stonebridge hairstick to hold it all together. It’s messier than my usual style because of the curls and waves, but I quite like that. Dr Experimentsinstyle approves, anyway!


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