Haircuts and Hair clips – HairMaths

 So, to be totally honest with you, I initially bought my Stonebridge hair clips as a bit of an experiment. The justification for splashing the cash was – “well, I just won’t get my usual haircut if I’m going to wear my hair up anyway. The money I save on haircuts is money I can spend on hair clips instead. Right?!” 

Let’s see if this justification plays out. 
My clips cost: 

A. Sourire u-pin:(in creme and gold crackle):£16

B. French pleat comb medium in caramel horn= £38

C.Capitaine medium hair claw grip =classic narrow claw in tortoiseshell = £42

Spend on  stonebridge hair accessories= total of £96 

Cost of average haircut Y:£25 (of course this can vary wildly, but this is what I personally would have spent. So, next I consulted with an expert; Dr Experimentsinstyle, and we came up with a formula.  
Now, you will have to bear with me, the table will only work if you have excel, so the link won’t work on phones or tablets, but if your lappy had excel, it should work. And this is the first time I have attempted to insert an excel file into my blog. Also, I should point out that maths is not my forte. Nor is excel my fav. (I’m more of a Word kinda gal) However, being geeky about hair and makeup is my bag. If you like this kind of thing too (or are looking for an easy way to justify that hair accessory purchase) then this is the thing for you. Just, please let me apologise profusely if it doesn’t work. But I really hope it does.


Here is the excel link; have fun with it:

Hairmaths. You only need to input your own values in column B for the things in red bold. The rest you can leave, and it should work out your values based on what you have put in. You only need two values:

  1. what you usually spend on one haircut (including tips) and 
  2. how many days you have gone/ are willing to go without a haircut. 

That’s it! Just input those two and the form should tell you how much you can blow on hair accessories! Happy days. 

Here is our thinking behind the formula, in case you are interested: let’s call this section our rough workings. Or ramblings. You decide. 

Number of days without a haircut 100/ number of days in a week ;7 = length of time without a haircut in weeks. (I.e. = 14 weeks) 

Cost of haircut and usual frequency : every 6 to 8 weeks? 

100 days (the number of days in the Stonebridge challenge) is roughly 14 weeks. (100 / number of days in the week;7 = 14) In that time assuming a haircut every 6 to 8 weeks,so let’s call it 7 weeks (let’s call this value b) on average. 
(100 days (a) / 7 (days in a week)= no of weeks within chosen timeframe = 14, (c) Then / 7 (b) (weeks between haircuts) = 2 (no of haircuts within the timeframe) let’s call this value y. 

c=a/7 (no of weeks within timeframe without a haircut)

y= a/7=c/b gives the no of haircuts within time frame. 

x= price of usual haircut, including tips in £. Input this. 

z = how much you can spend on hair accessories. Yay!

y X x= z
365/7=c/7= 7.44(y)

y X x= 7.44 X £25= z £186
Subject A would have a haircut on average, twice within that timeframe. The cost of a haircut can range from : £10 to £100. Let’s take an arbitrary value of £25.

So taking an average haircut price of £25 (let’s call this value x)

Multiply x by the number of haircuts on average within a 100 day timeframe, which here would be 2 (let’s call this value y)

£25 (x) X 2 (y) = £50 saved in not having haircuts within a 100 day timeframe. 

In Conclusion:

If we look at a 365 day timeframe, not having a haircut for a year would save me personally approx: £186 That’s a fair bit more than I have spent on hair accessories.  So I declare that a win! And I still have enough left over for a nice haircut and blow dry for Xmas! 

Costs for a haircut can of course vary wildly, for example: From £10 for a dry haircut to £100 for a top London salon. With £67 at Toni and guy by the manager somewhere in between. And of course, it depends on how comfortable you are with skipping haircuts. But, if you need justification, it’s an option ;-). We also haven’t discussed the additional savings of cost of travel to said hairdresser appointments, any additional purchases you may make whilst there (pricy shampoo, styling products) nor the amount of time saved styling and blow drying your hair at home as opposed to simply twisting it up into a pleat. 

What do you think? Is it worth questioning the things like this that we might do simply out of habit? Or is it a reckless and crazy false economy?! 


4 thoughts on “Haircuts and Hair clips – HairMaths

  1. Am reading this at around 6am so I currently have dinosaur brain maths, not bear level skill yet 😑

    But despite not quite following it all I like your spending contrast ideas.

    I’ve curtailed my tendency to make ebay clothes purchases – even though I have had some very good things, if I was making a formula of the percentage of buys that did not work, it would show that I often see something through my own rosy filter! So less ebay is getting me closer to a french pleat comb medium of my own.

    Now do I really need that haircut for the Christmas party season? 😃


    1. Thanks for reading, Michelle! I’m with you on the eBay purchasing, very easy to get carried away thinking something is a bargain, and when it arrives can be very different from what you are expecting, especially wrt fit. We have had some great items from eBay, however. And some duds. And I do apologise for the rambling reasoning behind the maths – Dr Experimentsinstyle does like to look at things from a different angle! Do you see the lengths we will go to in order to justify a hair accessory purchase?! And your French pleat comb will pay for itself in time savings and wearability for sure. X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Psst… today I deferred my haircut till the new year.

    So I am getting that comb despite the season of ‘damn must spend on everyone else’!

    I have remembered that some of my nice hair things are sparkly and this feels like that season too.


    1. Oooh yes, time to get out the sparkles – for daytime as well as evening. We can get away with it because – tis the Season! I’d be interested to see how your version of haircut maths progresses. That comb WILL be yours!


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