100 Pleats in 100 Days; Day 65: Wash day blues. 

Today was washing day here in the Lab. Dr Experimentsinstyle was pondering the best way to remove candy floss from his favourite dance tutu. We concluded that washing on a gentle cycle with Ariel colour was our best bet. Meantime, the hair clip I chose to wear today seemed to match the tutu very well, and kept my hair out of the way whilst sorting and hanging laundry. I wish I could photograph the clip for you better. Whilst the clip itself is very old, and a not spectacularly special clip, just a somewhat heavy metal clamp really, that I think may have been purchased in Boots donkeys years ago, the finish….well, the finish is a bit special, and what drew me to the clip all those years ago. Even though it’s a bit scratched and chipped in places now. You see, it’s slightly holographic. Now I’m a sucker for anything glittery, shimmery, and especially holographic. It seems to have a magical, ethereal quality – is it real, or is it magic? And this clip is a silvery, pinky shimmery rainbow in some lights. I’m just so sorry that I can’t seem to photograph it very well for you. But it got me thinking…what if I took my beloved Cirque Vesuvius holographic nail varnish, (which really ought to come out to play now that it’s winter) and painted a plain old barrette? Hmmm, could work out very nicely, or it could turn out how I painted my front door key (I.e. Not very well). And I also got to thinking – the light reflects so well from this silvery pink clamp, it could well work as a safety feature on these darker evenings, walking home. A car headlights would reflect off the clip and give the driver more of a “heads up” as it were. Could this be a future hair clip idea for Stonebridge Hair to consider?! Just don’t hold your breath, eh?!!



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