100 pleats in 100 days:Day 63:A special kind of pleat. 

We all know that there is a French pleat for every occassion. Whilst we have been doing our challenge set by Melissa and Claire at Stonebridge hair, to do a French pleat every day for 100 days, we have had beautiful pleats for evenings out, for country walks, for running, for cooking, and even for doing the washing up. But, until now, I haven’t shared the French pleat that I do every day. In fact, I do this pleat twice a day, morning and evening. It is the “quick put my hair up so I can cleanse my face and brush my teeth” pleat. And me and Dr Experimentsinstyle are going to share it with you.

We are using Fushi jojoba oil to hot cloth cleanse using a muslin cloth.  And a sonic toothbrush to do our teeth, natch. The headband is so pretty with birds printed on it, and was from Tesco in the sale. (£1: Bargain!) the pink hair clip was from Sainsburys a long time ago. Dr Experimentsinstyle says:

“It’s so important to cleanse the face well, and of course, brush your teeth twice a day. It’s hard to do either if your hair is in the way. “


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