100 Pleats in 100 Days: Day 48: In Twists we Trust. 

Hello there! Today we have a sort of a bun twisted up and held in place with a Stonebridge U-pin. Tonight we were at a brilliant firework display. It was so much fun, but quite crowded, and obviously, dark. I kept checking I had various things in place, for fear of losing them in the dark. I checked I had my handbag, and the brooch still pinned to it. I checked I had my phone still in my pocket. But it only occurred to me once I got home and took my hair down that I hadn’t felt the need to check that my Stonebridge Sourire U-pin hadn’t slipped or fallen out. Why? Because I feel it is secure, and I can trust it to hold this entire style on it’s own and not fall out. That’s quite remarkable, I think. 



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