100 pleats in 100 days: day 38. More Edwardian rolls. Practise makes perfect! 

Hi there! I’m trying a different technique to get my Edwardian style pleat to work better. Here I hope you can see in these pics, I’ve started with a half up style, low down, then tucked all my hair up and through this , finishing with a comb. It looks neater than before, and less is falling out of the sides. It needs more practise, but –  It is starting to get there!    
Grab two strands and start to make a half up style with a covered elasticated type hair band. 

The half up style completed. 

Twisting the ends a bit, then tucking the ends back up and through the half up ponytail.  

Push the ends through. But not too much! We want a tucked in, smooth effect. 

 Cover and secure using a comb. Not perfect, but getting better! 

This brilliant YouTube video by the lovely Stonebridge ladies talks you through it really well too! 

It sounds complicated, but I promise you it’s really not, and only takes a couple of minutes, tops. Why not give it a try? 


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