100 Pleats in 100 Days – Day 36 – Edwardian pleat : worked better. 

P1030937 P1030938 P1030942

So, I tried the Edwardian style roll again. I think it worked a bit better, but it’s still falling out a bit. 


3 thoughts on “100 Pleats in 100 Days – Day 36 – Edwardian pleat : worked better. 

  1. I like this …but I’m sure the Edwardians also used some pond to hold the roll. I don’t think thry solely relied on a comb.
    Maybe try using a couple of those long, straight hair pins at the side ….the sort you would use for a bin or chignon ?
    Your hair is a lovely colour btw.



    1. That’s ok, Rosie, I think I knew what you meant! That’s a great idea, and I will try it with the pins. Thanks! Actually, I’ve also been looking on the Stonebridge secret blog (!) heehee, for ideas, and found a you tube video with a half up ponytail idea that might work better. You sort of tuck the hair up into the ponytail. So, I’ll see if that works too. And how kind of you about my hair colour. Do you know, I’ve been dyeing it for years, (I’ve had blonde highlights, been dark brunette and a red head!) but two years ago decided not to. This is totally my natural undyed colour, (grey strands and all) and the one colour I’ve had the most compliments about it. I find that amusing! Thankyou so much for your kind comments.


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