100 Pleats in 100 Days – Day 24 – In the Pink.

P1030976 P1030977

This is a French pleat held together with a pink clip that I bought about a year ago in Sainsburys. I actually bought 2 clips at the time – this pink clip had a turquoise twin. But, sadly, the turquoise twin faded quickly to a very pale blue after just one day’s wear, on a sunny day in Paris. I could not believe how quickly the colour of that clip changed, and went straight back to return it to Sainsburys when I came back home. They were really good about refunding me my money, but it does always make me worry when I wear this pink twin, that the sun will bleach the colour out. It seems to be ok here though – still nice and bright and in the pink! It makes you realise though, that sometimes it’s worth paying extra for well made clips, (such as those at Stonebridge, of course!) so that you don’t end up with issues like this.

Also – please excuse my selfie shadows! I must start watching out for this sort of thing when taking the snaps.

I wanted to match up my lime green earrings with the green in the old (vintage, darling!) Lulu Guinness scarf, with the pink in the clip. I just adore green with pink, it’s such an unexpected combination, I find it almost shocking, don’t you? The scarf is fab, by the way, with pictures of all sorts of cocktails on! Is it too early for cocktails? ;-))


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