100 Pleats in 100 Days – Day 25 – A Quarter of the Way Through the 100 Days of French Pleats Challenge!

P1030931 P1030932 P1030933

Vertical Stonebridge comb.

Yay, 25 days: That’s a quarter of the way through! Well done, fellow French pleaters! How are we feeling about getting this far? I’d like to think that my technique has improved somewhat, but I’m still experimenting and still have some epic fails! It’s all part of learning something new, though, right? I love that we are doing this together, and I’m picking up ideas everyday from you all. How about you? Do you think you’ve learnt anything of any use thus far? I’d love to hear.

Here we have a Stonebridge comb , and a slightly “bouffed up” at the crown pleat. Here I am wearing a hand knitted brown wool scarf, that I adore, as it is just so warm, and cosy, and has wonderful memories attached to it. Happy weekend, everyone!



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