100 pleats in 100 days : day 15: Brushing it off. 

Day 15! How is everyone doing with the challenge thus far? 

Today – The delightful Sourire U pin from Stonebridge appears amongst the greenery. A quick French pleat done in under 1 minute. 

 I’m trying to grow my hair. Again. It gets to shoulder length then annoyingly will not grow any longer. It’s fine, thin and somewhat straggly. Which is ok for the purposes of the 100 pleats in 100 days challenge : shoulder length hair can be twisted up into a French pleat, no bother! But I do long for longer and thicker hair! So, my latest (mad?!) idea is to brush 100 times with a bristle brush like my trusty Mason Pearson pictured below. Approx half of the brushes with my head upside down, to encourage blood flow. So: 100 brushes everyday alongside the 100 pleats in 100 days challenge.  I wonder if this latest challenge will work out!   


3 thoughts on “100 pleats in 100 days : day 15: Brushing it off. 

  1. I also have very fine hair. It grows quickly (it’s waist length) but it’s never been very thick.
    Beware of over-brushing. 100 strokes are far too many for fine hair.
    I also use Mason Pearson and an Isinis brush ….but brushing vigourously promotes hair loss .
    Loving your blog btw


    1. Thanks so much Rosiewrites2, coming from a blogger such as yourself, whose blog I really admire, that has totally made my day, thank you!! Overbrushing, gosh, that’s a good point, I might be causing more harm than good? I don’t want to cause breakage from over brushing. What is an Isinis brush? Will have to go and have a Google of that, not heard of that before. I was just pondering over how tricky it is to track down a Mason Pearson.

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