100 pleats in 100 days: day 10. Beside the Seaside. 

Hello lovelies! Can’t believe we are on day 10 of the French pleat challenge already. I’ve learnt quite a lot already just from practicing everyday. And, as you can see, I certainly don’t profess to being good at this malarky. But I am at least improving a bit and challenging myself on many levels – trying to blog daily, trying new hair pleats and clips, taking backwards selfies….all life improving things, I’m sure you’ll agree! It’s so great to have you along for the ride, so thanks so much for reading! 

Today : A seaside Edwardian style horizontal pleat, Using a Stonebridge comb. My comb colour way doesn’t seem to be available anymore, (I believe it was called French vanilla) but it’s very similar to this.


rolling waves
Said comb being used back in the Lab:


Stonebridge comb
I think we all know who rocks this comb the best, don’t we? Dr Experimentsinstyle certainly does! 


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