100 pleats in 100 days : day 7. She bangs the drums. 

Hello! What a beautiful sunny day we had going on here! Furthering my (frankly rubbish) attempts at a ballerina bun using a hair stick the last two days, today I thought I’d have another try. This time using a drumstick that is also a pencil. That is now also a hair stick. Yeah, multi tasking, that’s just how we (rock and) roll here. 

So, here is the bun immediately after I had done (fashioned? Created? Twisted? None of those sound quite right, hmmm) it:


rocking the drumstick
And outside in the sunshine:


What was Dr Experiments in style’s considered opinion? 


“It looks better than your previous attempts. “

I can’t argue with that. Happy Monday, lovelies! 


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