100 pleats in 100 days – day 5: Chopsticks. 

Hello! Happy Saturday! Today , we are trying a chopstick style, following a very helpful you tube vid from Stonebridge Hair. 

 I used one chopstick from the kitchen drawer (the vertical one in the pic) , then afterwards I slid the other matching chopstick in, at an angle, purely for effect. It’s not holding any hair in place at all.

I mean, chopsticks are never seen without their mate , right? It would be sad to split them up, they pair for life. My version turned out somewhat less of a bun, more of an infinity type twist. It took no time at all – like, a minute or maybe two. Very quick. It’s a bit messy, and my hair was still a bit damp from washing, so it didn’t come out exactly as expected. But, but, but….I was convinced this would fall out straightaway, and was prepared to re- do it. But it held fast! How?! No styling products, grips , hairspray or superglue were used. Tis witchcraft, I tell thee. 


Dr Experimentsinstyle was back on top form helping with the brushing. But not with the photo taking. I need longer arms. Or maybe I think I need a selfie stick. What has my life become?!

a bear and a brush.

#100pleats, #stonebridgehair


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