Sleeve Rage – it’s a thing!

I have realised something today. It is about jumper sleeves. Yeah , deep, huh? Dr Experimentsinstyle doesn’t have this problem, being a pretty constant lab coat wearer. But I have noticed that if I can’t – literally – “roll my sleeves up” I get irrationally bad tempered. I have a blue jumper, bought at Asda, that has been driving me up the wall. The sleeves are snug, and do not push far enough up my arms to facilitate comfortable hand washing, teeth cleaning, worktop wiping, or basically anything that requires water. And sometimes I get “Wet Sleeve syndrome ” which is just miserable. When the sleeve gets wet, and you just have to put up with it, all cold and clammy, until it drys. It’s the same story with a denim shirt I have, which will not stay comfortably rolled up. Next time I’m in the market for a top, I will most definitely perform the sleeve push up test. And I won’t buy that top until the sleeves can consistently stay pushed up for longer than 5 minutes. There. I can’t believe something so ridiculous gives me The Rage. But it does. Am I alone in this? How is YOUR sleeve tolerance? Do you have any Secret Sleeve Tips you’d care to share below? I’d love to hear!



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