My bad!

I’m sorry – my bad! I’ve got to add some amendments to my recent piece on mayonnaise hair treatments – I rather stupidly guessed at prices at the time of going live, which I now realise was a somewhat rookie error.
In my mind, the Ojon was hugely cheaper than it really is.( Which says a lot about the value I’ve placed on it, which is interesting in itself) Anyway, after some, you know, PROPER research, here are the REAL costs for you:
From the website:
Ojon damage reverse restorative hair treatment. £34.50 for 100ml. (Lighter scent is available at same price. )

From Sainsburys website:
£0.45 per 500g. Sainsburys basics mayonnaise. (£0.09/100g)

So the price comparison is £0.09 vs £34.50. (This is g vs ml, which for our purposes, we could probably call one and the same. )
Anyway. A big saving, whichever way you look at it. By the way, the Tommy Guns shampoo mentioned was “fig and plum”
I’m really sorry I didn’t do the full homework properly the first time. It won’t happen again. Probably. Thanks for reading, it really is great to have you along for the ride. X


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