Happy New Year!


Dr Experimentsinstyle wishes you ALL a very Happy New Year! He is celebrating in style with his home made paper hat and a cheeky cocktail – and a very seasonal red glittery manicure using Avon “Ruby Slippers” with a topcoat of Avon topcoat, which compares pretty favourably to Cirque’s “Magic Hour” The Avon topcoat doesn’t quite have the same depth of sparkle from the holographic chips, and not such a smooth finish, as the Cirque , but not bad at all.



The pic here shows Cirque’s “magic hour “depth of sparkle on the left forefinger, and Avon “opal” on the right thumb. (Less sparkle and catches on clothes a bit more due to the less smooth finish)
Have a great evening, everyone, what are you up to this evening?


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